The Lion’s Last Life

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Author : Roy

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


The Lion’s Last Life


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Arjun Shah was the son of a rich Indian Industrialist and lived a life of comfort and abundance. Through chance or fate, he meets an old hermit in a Mumbai slum and his life changes. He realizes he has lived his life within the safety net of influence and wealth and the old mystic who had lived a similar life seems like a lion to him, who walks the earth without any protection. Arjun spends many sleepless nights contemplating the state of the old lion. Finally, he decides to leave it all and walk the earth alone. He doesn’t have a plan but the mysterious universe does. The universe always favors the brave. But how far will the unseen forces take him? And where will it end? On earth or….

About Author

The author Roy was born in Mumbai in 1975 and has been an advertising man for 21 years. He has been the Creative Head of very large multi-national advertising agencies in India and South East Asia. He also has a film-making degree from a New York University. His first book was published in June 2016 titled, The Extraordinary Consciousness of an Ordinary Man. He currently lives in Goa, India with his family and runs a successful Content Design Agency and a Film Production House. Roy has been a practicing yogi for over 22 years and has traveled across India, interacting with Indian sadhus and holy men in the Himalayan mountains and has even lived in a monastery in West Bengal for a while. He is well versed in Indian scripture and a sincere student of the Bhagwad Gita. His literary works are spiritual fiction and he embeds ancient truths into his writing. To sum up, he is a filmmaker, advertising man, businessman, author and foremost, a yogi.

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