The Liberating Fetters

Genre : ,

Author : Arundhati Sahoo

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


The Liberating Fetters


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As we grow up, we also grow accustomed to the world, rarely thinking or questioning what goes on and what should go on!
When a little girl grows up in the closed curtains of her home with an openness of mind and heart, her questions and doubts keep the potential to scintillate thoughts of many.
It’s poetry, a monologue of the girl with her diary, that she finds one day. The questions and the thoughts, will they bind her more or liberate her?

About Author

An engineer pursuing MBA from NITIE, Mumbai.
A girl of passion and ideas with the intensity of thoughts and propensity of emotions.
Blogger under the pen-name ‘Pensive Mind at Work’
For my short stories visit
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