The Last Yogi

and his voyage to the infinity

Author : Pritesh Bhosale

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : Apr-19


The Last Yogi


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It’s a story set in 600 BC. When the world entered the dark era and chaotic times began. The way was lost and harmony dissolved.
And then, a boy travelled across the ancient land of Bharata to reinstate righteousness and justice. That boy was called ‘The Last Yogi’ and conferred with the responsibility to blossom the fragrance of Dharma to the new era.
Will he succeed in the duty conferred to him by the divine mother?
Will he destroy the darkness and enlighten the lamp of wisdom in people’s minds?
Will he be able to give a new meaning of love to the world?
This story will reveal many truths of ancient culture and rejuvenate you with its essence of purity.
This is the story of a little boy and his voyage to infinity.

About Author

I hail from small-town Ahmednagar in Maharashtra, fondly called Nagar. My job allows me to stay in different parts of India and I am currently staying in Hyderabad.
The Last Yogi is not my first book. I have one published NA fiction book in my account published back in 2012.
Though The last Yogi is immensely precious to me, the story of this book has occupied a part of my mind since 2010. It all started with a dream of a boy having saffron loincloth draped around his waist and walking through a dark rocky path amidst heavy rain and strong wind. Since then this young Yogi was never out of my mind and he allowed me to build my world of fantasy around him. He encouraged me time to time to go deep into Indian mythology and bring out the true meaning of some vast mythological theories like the theory of Yuga, just like he wants to retell them. The Last Yogi took six years to get published in paperback after its completion, but in these times this little Yogi walked along with me when my patience was getting tested. Finally, The Last Yogi has appeared in front of you in the form of this book and I am sure he will walk with you too. Pritesh Bhosale can be reached at

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