The Last Tear

Reaching to Infinite Love

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Author : Simran Khan

Binding : Paperback

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The Last Tear


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A mystery revolves around Ruhani, a teenager who has been shackled with forced relationship tries to seek for freedom. In the midst of vulnerability and strength, love and illusion, enigma and clarity she reaches adulthood. This adulthood hurls at her undesired situations, unexpected people, shattered moments which makes her swim through everything to reach her destiny.
But, mystery still revolves around her, the moment she feels everything is fine, she suddenly sense something which she never anticipated.

‘A chase..some secrets..epiphanies and Ruhani’s journey’

About the Author

Author is a social scientist. Her work across multiple disciplines broadly addresses narratives of human
experiences . Being a social scientist Simran also
worked as a faculty member in the field of History
and Political science.

In her other life she is an MBA graduate and to
explore human behaviour more she is now pursuing
a degree in psychology.

She’s being into writing since she was in grade 7.
Her talent of writing was recognised when her poem
got featured in her school’s magazine same year.
Apart from this she shares her interest in painting,
dancing and crooning.



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