The Last Dawn

Author : Shyam Kumar

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 01-09-2019


The Last Dawn


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Raj and Anjali meet and develop mutual respect and
love for each other on the very first meeting in the office
and find in each other as their soul mate in the days to come.
Raj owes Anjali his life when she saves him from
drowning. She becomes more adorable for him.
He wants to marry her. But his family does not agree.
He wants to disassociate himself with his family to make
Anjali his life partner. But she, sacrificing her own love
for Raj, persuades him not to go against the wishes of his
parents and instead she offers her assistance in selecting a
suitable girl for him recommended by his family members.
Raj unwillingly accepts the choice of his family and finally
marries a girl, whom he has never met before and finds
himself at crossroads to balance his life between his love and
responsibilities. It takes a long time for him to negotiate
with life without his dream girl, Anjali. Tragedies in the
family and the increasing pressure at home widen the
breach between the two lovebirds. It creates feelings of
bitterness and betrayal between the two.
Anjali not only suffers the loss of all her near and
dear ones, but also feels betrayed by those for whom she
has sacrificed her own peace of mind to make their life
comfortable and on whom she desires to depend upon
during grey years of her life. She finds herself all alone
and no one to take care of her. As her age is declining, she
needs some social security and decides to look for a life
partner. She seeks the help of Raj and ultimately chooses
a life companion, a widower with grown-up children for
herself and one fine morning she goes with a stranger to
spend her life with, leaving behind her past and breaking
all her promises made to Raj that her love for him would
never change. Due to added responsibilities of the new
family, she finds difficult to cope up with the work pressure
at the office and is forced to give up the job and leave the
city as well as her soul mate for good. Luck strikes again.
Raj and Anjali establish contact after a long interval. But
it does not last long. She with her spouse returns to start
business in the city. Their business fails and they leave the
city never to return. Raj is clueless about her whereabouts.
Raj, at the fag years of his life and still madly in love
with Anjali cannot tolerate the absence of his loved one
and finds himself irreconcilable. He loses the desire to live
and tries to end his life. But life does not oblige him. He
hopes to meet one day his Anjali in whom he had found a
sublime love, inspiration and completeness of life. He has
come across a number of women in his life, but no one could
surpass that ordinary looking and dark-complexioned lady
called Anjali. His love for her just refuses to wither with
age. Finally, his hopes start fading like his age. But his life
lingers on without his love…

About Author

Shyam Kumar, the youngest sibling of one
brother and five sisters, was born on 05
December, 1945 and named as Shyam
Sunder Kumar, in Multan (now in
Pakistan). His father, Nand Lal Kumar,
had a family business of clothes and dryfruits in Multan and Karachi. In 1947,
after Partition of India, his entire family migrated to Delhi
as refugees. As narrated to him by his elder sister, after
their family arrived in Delhi from newly formed Pakistan
by train, their parents and his four young sisters had to
spend many nights on the footpaths opposite old Delhi
Railway station till the hunt for a shelter was over. His
brother, somehow, managed to get a small one-room set
on rent in Sadar Bazar in old Delhi for seven members of
the family to live in. His father got job of a munim, a bookkeeper at a cloth-merchant’s office near Nai Sadak in old
Delhi on a meager salary. To make their both ends meet,
and to earn some extra income to run the house, all other
family members, including him, were occupied doing
home-based work at home, such as stitching socks, labelling
thread-spools. Before his school hours, he used to go to a
The Last Dawn
candy-making unit in the narrow lanes of old city to
prepare lolly-pops and candies for three-hours.
He had his schooling at government schools in Delhi
and graduation from University of Rajasthan in Jaipur. He
cleared first year of post-graduation in English Literature,
but did not go for final year as he could not afford to buy
books for that year.
From 1968 to 2003, he worked in New Delhi YMCA
at Jai Singh Road., New Delhi. During this period, he
wrote a number of small stories and this novel – The Last
Dawn, which he completed between years 1996 and 1999.
After a few years, he translated this novel in Hindi with a
title – ‘Aakhiri Subah’ Immediately, after retirement from
YMCA, he worked for five years with a travel management
company as Manager-Admin. At present, he is associated
with a charitable organization of Sai Baba Temple, Lodhi
Road, New Delhi as Manager-Admin.

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