The Kohl Girl

Genre : ,

Author : Jaasindah Mir

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


The Kohl Girl


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When her boyfriend left her in a lurch for someone else, Sadaf Keyaan felt she had been run over by a truck. Right since her struggle to get out of the trauma of this broken relationship has never ceased.

After vainly trying everything that Google asked her to do for getting over her ex, Sadaf finally realizes that poetry was her calling and the only savior she could have. Desiring to learn to write better, she wants to enroll in a specific course. The problem? She isn’t eligible. She must do it in someone else’s name.

Daniyal, an older guy she particularly doesn’t like, agrees to help her. But he has a condition. Sadaf will have to find a girl at her school who Daniyal has seen once and fallen for. All they know about the girl is that she dons a headscarf and wears kohl in her eyes.
Will Sadaf be able to reach the Kohl Girl for Daniyal and find her way out of the misery of a break-up?

About Author

Jaasindah lives in Srinagar with her mother and brother. She is presently pursuing her studies in English Literature. Her first book – The Escaped Moments – hit the stands in December 2013, then making her the youngest female novelist in Jammu and Kashmir. She loves reading, meditating, listening to qawwalis and eating a lot of yogurts. She owns two blogs and can be reached at her email

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