The Joy of Being Jay

With God, Granny, Girlfriends and one Grand Ambition #4G

Author : Ambalika

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 13-09-2019


The Joy of Being Jay


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Jay is one handful of a friend, either constantly ‘What cheek man’-ing over something he doesn’t like or offering ‘jaideology’- his ideas, which he believes to be simply awesome, much to the annoyance of his friends Sheffie, Guvie and Addie.
All Jay wants to do in life is, be a conqueror, and he has planned for it. The plan ends with him marrying the love of his life. Exactly what granny wants, ever since the astrologer confirmed to her that, ‘the girl has been found’. Just that, Jay has ridiculously lost the girl he has deeply loved. So, he is at a loss on how to end his grand plan. He’s got the back of Sheffie and Addie. But will Guvie, his most trusted friend and business partner, stand by him too? Amidst all these, murder strikes.
Will Jay finally conquer his dreams? Could the astrologer’s words be false? How can granny’s dream come true? Jay’s karma is closely following him, while all of this is being watched by God, as just another act in His spectacular show.

About Author

A lazy writer and full time dreamer constantly fantasizing about life in outer space. Exceptionally talented in hitting people with surprises, owing to some leftover karma from a past life lived as a meteoroid. Firm believer that life is best spent sky gazing, living off kebabs and watching kite flying. ‘You Adored, Me Ignored’, is her debut novel.

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