The Journey

Traveller With In

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Author : Tarun Deep Singh

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


The Journey


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Every human is a seeker of ‘Truth’. But almost all give up in the middle since they are threatened by their alter ego, ‘The Fallen One’. The first step is to accept that yes, ‘I’ am ‘The Fallen One’ and then proceed for soul searching. This is unstable equilibrium so caution has to be practiced. So, I would like to reach ‘Youth of India’ in particular by presenting them what ‘search for self-realization’ has to offer. It is not easy, perhaps the most difficult task to be undertaken, but persistence is the key. The book also contains few concepts related to science and mathematics which should interest logical minds. It is also meant for those who have gone under the same set of experience while performing soul search.

About Author

He is an IT professional, currently working with Infosys Limited as Project Manager in Chandigarh. He has done his MS in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University, East Lansing, USA. He has coauthored a US patent on Fault Isolation on PCI bus. He is passionate about writing and likes to express his thoughts. He loves to play Table Tennis and writing poems in Hindi. Following are the list of his previous publications:
1. Self Published Book available at “Man Is A Thought: Scientific and Theological Journey To Space of Thoughts.”
2. Self Published Book available at “What Is an Indian?”
3. The story “Resurrection of Faith” was published in Chicken Soup for the Indian Teenage Soul-Teen Talk-Growing Up by Westland Publishers.

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