The Hoteliers

A Life of Unexpected Things

Author : Rameez Hattur

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : Apr-19


The Hoteliers


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In a country where your profession decides your social status – with doctors, lawyers and engineers breeding in every alley, where does a hotelier stand?

This story follows the lives of three hoteliers; each different and unique in their own way, yet each on their path to success, and how one unexpected thing can change the course of someone’s entire life.

About Author

Rameez Hattur has worked in Hospitality for over twelve years. Over his course, he has experienced the best and the worst of the industry and counts himself lucky to be a part of such a dynamic industry.

His mantra is simple: Lend ten people a helping hand, and at least one of them will help you back.

Born and brought up in Solapur, he now works as a Manager in one of the most coveted 5-star hotels in Mumbai. After a long and fulfilling day, he goes back home to his loving wife and son.

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