The Haunted Ghost

Genre : ,

Author : Aayush Das

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


The Haunted Ghost


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Boy meets girl, girl meets boy. Routine story. Except that the girl has been dead for seven years. Boy meets a ghost, ghost avoids boy. However, fate brings them together and together they embark upon a rollercoaster ride towards finding what they had always been looking for. They become friends. The girl teaches the boy about death, while the boy teaches her about life. This unlikely friendship is at peril, though, for life and death can never coexist without grave repercussions.

About Author

Since 1994, the author has been an undercover member of the fabled Illuminati. He’s a skilled master of deception and disguise. He has a day job, he goes to the gym for about twenty days in one calendar year, and he lives in the most inconspicuous country on the planet. The perfect disguise. He lurks in the shadows and secretly works towards his evil agenda of world domination. Like most cunning villains of legend, he is narcissistic. He writes in his free time, stories and novels about the most unworldly things. Like a true escapist, he is lazy and rarely finishes the books that he starts writing. Top secret intelligence reports say that he unwittingly leaves clues about his grand evil plans in his stories and books, but he remains unfazed. In the 21st century world where tons of information flows in all directions all the time, his work may just pass as white noise in the background. The odds against humanity are high. The future looks bleak. Will some hero or heroine step up and shoulder the tumultuous task of reading his mind-numbingly boring work? If at all that happens, humanity just might stand a chance against the evil Author.

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