The five year old man

Genre : ,

Author : Debashish

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


The five year old man


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Dr. Venkateshwara Iyer is an Artificial Intelligence expert, whose career is marred by a controversial failure. Together with his friends and colleagues, Dr. Anna Ainsworth and Shen Jiamo, he creates ‘ISAAC’, an A.I with the naivety of an infant and near-free will of a man, that can learn and adapt with time. But how human should, and will, a machine become? Human enough to murder?
Is Anuj Johnson right to dread Isaac? Or is he just biased against robots for losing his job to them? Will Venkatesh’s work prove to be a breakthrough for humankind or just a repeat of his lethal mistakes?
Innocents will become collateral when the two ideologies collide, and a nation will bear witness as an honored scientist is dragged to court. In the future when A.I will intertwine with our lives when men will fall and lose their humanity, will Isaac be able to prove his own?

About Author

Debashish Chakraborty is an Engineer with a Master’s degree from National Institute of Technology Rourkela. A self-diagnosed sociopath and typical nerd, he likes to spend his time with fictional people rather than the real ones. With an active interest in real life science as well as science fiction, he wants to tell stories that teach as much as they entertain and The Five Year Old Man is his debut novel. He previously published a short fantasy story titled The day Death smiled! and gave it as a free sample of his work. Encouraged by the positive reviews it earned, he decided to burden the world with his first full-length novel. Apart from reading and writing, he takes a keen interest in sci-fi and fantasy television series and movies and plans to pursue a doctorate soon.

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