The Faith

Genre : ,

Author : George Vilson

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


The Faith


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“The Faith” is an exquisitely crafted and highly enriching novel, where the reader enjoys the fun and freedom of endless exploration. It is a magical synthesis of strangeness and beauty packed with suspense and surprise. The novel is a quest for the unknown, the unexplained. Guilt and remorse are watered down when the high priest of holy sacrament forgives and extends a hand to support and rescue the lame lamp.

Man and woman are made for each other, no doubt but how to search for the right partner to share the apple of knowledge with her. There the journey begins, but never ends. The life of Raajasekharan Nair was a quest for a comfort zone from the beginning. He has many superstitions, inhibitions, emotional weaknesses, and always thinks with his heart rather than head. It’s a story of those who think like him, when the unattended, unrestrained emotional thirst causes disturbances and ruin.

A marvellous story with wide implications to modern life is narrated with an ease and passion which is incomparable in contemporary literature, executed in brilliant style; that’s “The Faith.”

About Author

Born toVazhappilly Lazar and Kunjilakutty Lazar, in a small village called, Kottapadi, Thrissur, Kerala, INDIA,but he was known as a person from Guruvayur.He wrote several stories about Migration, particularly from Kerala, to different parts of the world, and their living conditions, hardships, employment opportunities, etc. in the migrated countries and their parental homes back in Kerala in English and Malayalam. He had published around 9 books in Malayalam, compilation of short-stories [5], novelettes [1], screenplay [1] and novels [2] and a book in English, The Black Woman [compilation of short-stories].His wife is Lizy, daughter Liji and son, REX.

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