The Ethico-Legal Medical Education: A Cure For Malpractices In India

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Author : Dr. N. Kishor kumar Patnaik

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : February 2021


The Ethico-Legal Medical Education: A Cure For Malpractices In India


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The book on ‘The Ethico-Legal Education and Medical Mal-Practices in India’ has emanated from the research work of the Author was a culmination of the emotional feelings of the Author and lifetime experiences he gained from his personal life to professional practice. Author is a graduate in Science stream with Biology / life sciences as his subjects in the graduate course curriculum. The Author’s personal relationship with his elder brother, Dr N. Ashok Kumar Patnaik, as on today is a practicing cardiologist at USA, having his very thicker blood relationship and he is much indebted to the support his brother provided for in his personal life and professional legal practice. The Author right from his childhood days was well attached to the studies of his brother, and till date remembers what are the subjects his brother studied in the course of M.B.B.S.

The Author has encountered of agony with the death of the sister of his wife, ‘Rajani Patnaik’ was victimized and lost her life for the reasons of callous medical misadventures in the hands of half knowing nascent doctor who was engaged in a private hospital did administered a wrong fatal injection. Then the Author felt the agony of the parents of the victim and to teach lessons to the hospital and the half knowledge treating doctor through the legal approach, was questioned for her misconduct in the consumer forum and ultimately the truth of Medical negligence was established, though the same was dragged up to Supreme Court of India.

In this background the Author was much exposed to the Medical Science and the Law pertinent to Medical Negligence and his personal feelings were involved for getting the justice of the similarly situated victims of India. The doctor’s do commit the crime which is unabated and therefore victims have no know-how to deal with such misconducts of treating doctors who are made scot-free for reasons of want of checks and balances in the legal mechanism for bringing them to Book of Law. So, with all these perceptions and knowledge the Author gained through the practice, and make them know the know-how of the Mechanism of the Medical Negligence which will be helpful not only to the victims, but also to educate the treating doctors to make them aware of the practice of medicine along with the ethical approach and on failure the provisions of book of law which will make them to face the consequences of their wrong doings.

About the Author

Author is a consulting Lawyer and Legal Practirioner for Legal, Acadamic and reseearch matters



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