The Disguised Hope

Genre : , ,

Author : Richa Shah

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : June 2019


The Disguised Hope


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Hopelessly hopeful, suspicious and Romantic, this novel will open up some or other chapters of your life and will leave you in a quest of those unanswered questions but in the end, it will undoubtedly fix your conscience to have an eternal peace with the present.

When Rhea falls for Rohit, an unusually attractive guy. Rohit is compelled to keep secrets for obvious reasons and Rhea tries to solve the puzzle worsening it more. It is a story of few friends Rohit, Rhea, Sana, Chaaha, Aakash, and Aayan. They face ups and downs in their life yet holds on to one another. No matter how transparent you look in your present, there is always an opaque part of your past that controls you. This is a journey of two people being lost, loved and taught the most inevitable rule of life.

‘For once in a lifetime, everyone deserves a Restart button – not for actions but for emotions’.

About Author

Richa Shah is born and brought up in Surat, India, and completed her degree in Business management. She is Language & Literature and IELTS facilitator by profession. Her love for Literature, stories and life has made her write her first novel.

She feels:
“Love is an illusion, which will break you, make you, mend you and bend you, over and over again. But then you will live; beautifully, fearlessly with a touch of melancholy.”

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