The Compiled Blogs and Collected Reviews

Genre : ,

Author : Neha Singh

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : November 2019


The Compiled Blogs and Collected Reviews


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This book is a collection of blogs and reviews published on the net on various popular websites. These essays function more like opinion essays dissecting the very nature of being, becoming, withdrawal and the attainment of perfection. The movie and book reviews don’t touch upon the technicalities of movie-making, but they deal with an idea, thought, feeling or conflict the book or movie may have evoked in me.
The book is divided into 2 parts. In the first part I have compiled my collected blogs, and in the second half, you get to read reviews of books and movies that I have watched and read. This non-fiction book tries to mock at tradition, and is subversive in its attempt to educate. I hope to prod the discreet reader and provoke strong reactions and emotions for all the touchy issues that I have written about.

About Author

I am Neha Singh, and I have compiled these blogs and reviews that I had written on popular sites on the net. I am basically a writer at heart, and have received some praise concerning my work in the corporate world. I have gathered reasonable expertise in virtually all the fields in the genres of Literature and Communications. This book is an interpretation of all my life’s experiences. I have worked for over 10 years in the corporate sector, and have held a freelancing business profile that exposed me to the world of international authorship and editing.
With these books and my several stints as a writer, I would like to bring to the fore the endless battles within myself, primarily of good over evil.
I have also been a seeker of philosophy, so I have addressed a lot of ideological and existential topics throughout the length and breadth of the book.

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