The Coin

Genre : ,

Author : Gopal O.Rana

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


The Coin


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This novel is all about one coin which is very lucky. With whoever it remains, the luck of that person supports that person to an extreme. There is one little boy struggling with his father. The importance of relationships in a family and understanding, how all of it matters. How age has nothing to do with maturity. And finally, the lucky coin brings luck but also brings weakness to the holder of the coin.

About Author

This is Gopal O. Rana. I have written this novel as I have seen many of people and how they believe in luck, and have seen the effects. I have my emotions on it. Most of the creation of this novel is on my feelings about the relation and the situation which makes us weak. I have written this book so as to feel the contradiction of luck which matters in the life of every individual.

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