The Breast Tax

Author : P S Menon

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 9th July 2019


The Breast Tax


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This is a saga of anecdote retold to kids at bedtime by grandmas
About Nangelee – A nymph from lower caste lived in Travancore during the early 20th century

Nangelee had passionate, erotic, love – lust romance with a village upper caste boy; Aditya. But not for long… Heartbroken, she decided to marry from her caste. She chooses to voice for lakhs of poor women mob, who lived in open breasts, Or who covered it paid hefty tax, Tax as per the size of breasts. Taxed by the late King of Travancore. It was a rule and custom unaffordable to the poor. Nangelee struggled to abolish this brutal tax. But intricate, she could n’t succeed. At last, desperate, intrigued, and impulsive by sudden anger, she cut her both breasts with a sickle! Brave, she sacrificed for a noble cause! Shocked by this tragic news the King was shaken aback, suddenly abolished the tax.

Nangelee will be remembered a thousand years to come. She won her mission. She will continue to live as a heroine in the hearts of millions.
A hair raising romantic novel of secrets, suspense, and thriller to melt any soul.

About Author

P Sridhar Menon was born on 24, September, 1943, in a sleepy village known as Cheruthuruthy, in Thrissur district, in Kerala, renowned for Kathakali and the Bharatnatyam Varsity. Menon completed his graduation in Mangalore and joined the Southern Railways at the age of twenty. After a three years stint here, he became the Registrar of an Arts, Commerce and Science College, in Aurangabad, Maharashtra.
An active rotarian, Menon was responsible for founding the Rotary Chapter in Paithan, his village, during 1977. As its president, secretary and director, he worked selflessly.
Menon married Thangamani, on October 18, 1968. She ran a chain of commercial education institutes for rural students. She is Menon’s pillar of support, in all his endeavours.
Menon retired from college in 2001, after thirty-five years of service. He is now a consultant for new colleges. Menon has a son and daughter, who are both high profile bankers.
He authored a short stories book titled: ‘Untold True Stories’, in 2016.
You can contact Menon at: His Twitter handle is: @menon1943. His Face book accountis: P S Menon@Shankupushpam.

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