The Bitch Of Varanasi

Genre : ,

Author : Sairindhri Sengupta

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : May-19


The Bitch Of Varanasi


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Shefali, a beautiful Bengali girl from a slum in Bengal, gets married at the age of 16, just to experience a life with a husband who is homosexual. Her single mother expires; thereafter she elopes with a man by believing his fake promises of love and commitment who indulges her into a flesh trade in Varanasi. The story portrays a beautiful girl who is strong, voracious towards life, who breaks down at times but doesn’t fail to get up by accumulating all the pieces left of her.

About Author

Sairindhri was born and brought up in Silliguri. Hailing from the hills, she has been through the ups and downs of life. Been brought up by a single mother, she knows the real struggles of surviving in this world. She has completed her Bachelors in Arts from Christ University, majoring in Communication & Media, English and Psychology. She has been a published journalist for The Hindu and is currently working as a copywriter in the advertisement world. She is a feminist and loves to write about social issues.

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