The Analyst

Author : Manu D

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : May 2021


The Analyst


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In the year 2000 RAW Undercover Agent, gets information about blast happened in the Syria to his Chief Srivastav in RAW. At the same time Blast occurred in the India and in which Uday wife and his daughter died in that blast.

And in the present day RAW get the tip from IB that there will be more attacks will occure in the india in future, So, RAW gave the order to IAT Kulkarni and his team to lead the mission..
And in the meantime Gaurav a team member of IAT and very close to Kulkarni gets the information that
there is a large sum of money is transfared to the terrorist group that will used in attacking so know he has to track the man behind the mission and he has to protect his country.

Will he able to save the country?

About the Author

Sangamesh D Patil, He is interested in writing the story and started to from writing a story in the year 2015, but he couldn’t completed them.

He started to write this book in the year 2018. He is interested in writing spy, Sci-Fic,Crime,Horror stories.



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