The Adventures of OM & MO

Genre : ,

Author : Sneha Shashi Kumar

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : July 2021


The Adventures of OM & MO


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MO, a young panda is brought to Bubaland forests in India. While exploring her new home in the jungles, MO meets Angka, a hornbill & Fero, a tortoise. The three of them become very good friends and are seen having gala moments in the forests. The scene from Bubaland takes a twist when Fero’s life is in danger, leaving MO & Angka in a fix.

OM, a wise bull comes to their rescue suggesting the Sacred Nectar from the Secret Valley as the only way to rescue Fero. Both OM & MO set on an adventure ride in their two wheeler scooty in the middle of the night to draw the Sacred Nectar. While they encounter a lot of hurdles from the demon Mandeha, OM reveals some secrets that help MO to not just tackle the demon and bring home the Sacred Nectar but also gives a glimpse of her true purpose and identity.

Drawing inspiration from the message of the Upanishads, the most precious wisdom of life has been presented in a story format through interesting sequences and plots with a sole objective of getting the youth to think and introspect about the highest dimension in life!

About the Author

Sneha Shashi Kumar is an Indian author, storyteller, Bharatanatyam dancer, and a technology enthusiast with a ost-graduation from the prestigious National University of Singapore (NUS). She feels blessed to be associated with the rich cultural heritage of India and is of the conviction that Indian arts and literature is not for entertainment or for information gathering alone but a means to realize the unknown. Every move made by an artist or a writer of the Indian philosophy is influenced by the inner urge to reach the pinnacle of human existence and also to convey the fact that we are all a part of that one and only one truth. This is reflected in most of her work. Her debut book ‘Alankara Kriya’ was a first book of its kind where the ancient Indian art of decorating Hindu idols was presented to art enthusiasts across the world. On a mission to spread the hidden wisdom behind the Indian scriptures, arts and culture, she hopes to leverage on her skill sets to set a platform for the youth and encourage them to appreciate and enhance the glory of Bharat (India).



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