The Adventures of Kudmi Thatha and Other Stories (Second Edition)

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Author : Arun Hariharan

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 04-10-2019


The Adventures of Kudmi Thatha and Other Stories (Second Edition)


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The Adventures of Kudmi Thatha and Other Stories takes you on a journey through the funny side of life. To be honest, if you ask me, I believe that in the long run, there is only one side – the funny side.

My children Lakshmi and Srihari are big believers in the funny side. Every time they come back from a perfectly serious event such as regular school-day or a music-concert, they get into fits of giggling and will regale anybody who is willing to listen with funny stories which everybody else seems to have missed. They taught me a thing or two about looking at the funny side.

A book like The Adventures of Kudmi Thatha and Other Stories is never really done. All characters and situations in this book are fictional, but any fictional writing is influenced by the author’s experiences and environment. Numerous have been the occasions when, just as I thought I was finally done writing the book, yet another memory of some long-forgotten hilarious situation would get re-kindled and I would tell myself, “I must add this to the book.” I am sure this will continue in future too. So, don’t be surprised if you find more funny stories in the next edition of Kudmi Thatha.

If you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it, my purpose in having written it will be served.

About Author

Arun Hariharan is a person with multiple interests.
He is a globally recognized figure in the fields of Quality and Knowledge Management. He is the author of ‘Continuous Permanent Improvement’, ‘The Strategic Knowledge Management Handbook (both books published by the American Society for Quality), and ‘Humor in Quality’ (KDP). He has also written about 70 published papers and articles in leading international journals and magazines.
Arun is the Founder and CEO of The CPi Coach (, a company that provides partnership, consulting and training in Business Excellence and related areas. He has held senior management positions in several large companies.
Arun and his family are keen Sanskrit enthusiasts. Arun and his daughter Lakshmi teach Sanskrit as a free social service. Till now, they have taught more than a thousand people to speak in Sanskrit.
Arun’s educational qualifications include M.S. and M.B.A. degrees from the University of Illinois at Chicago, USA.
While his previous writings are in the genres of business and management, ‘The Adventures of Kudmi Thatha and Other Stories’ takes a look at the funny side of life.
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