The Abyss of Power

Genre : ,

Author : Zuko

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


The Abyss of Power


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To meet a real criminal and write their biography is every crime writer’s dream come true. Arun, an upcoming author gets a chance to meet Sophia, a cybercriminal who has risen to power by manipulating social media perception. This is an opportunity the Investigative Agency has been waiting to lay hands on Sophia. Sophia surfaces for a reason while the members of the Investigative Agency have their own agenda. Will Arun go undercover? Will Sophia be caught? What is the agenda? Will it be fulfilled?

About Author

Siddharth Sabari is a dyslexic author based out of Chennai. Born in Mumbai, he did the majority of his schooling in Chennai & went on to complete his graduation from VIT University, Vellore Campus. His first book is Figmented Reality, based on the mental strain of addiction and the role it plays on the shaping of a boy into a man, into something dangerous. This is his second book and he is aspiring to be a scriptwriter.

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