Thanking You With Love…

Genre : ,

Author : Arjun Chaudhuri

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


Thanking You With Love…


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“Certain relationships don’t have any name. They sprout from nowhere and disappear somewhere”

Ashwini and Vikram had become more than just friends. It was not that he was her boyfriend but she just felt like being with him always.

Life moved on and Ashwini matured over time realizing that the responsibilities and problems one had to shoulder were much more beyond the four walls of the college. As the time came for her engagement, Vikram not only disappeared from the scene but also did not get in touch with her ever. What was in Vikram’s mind when he was with her all the while? Did he really care for Ashwini or was it just a hallucination?
Thanking You with Love… will hold the reader till the last page when Ashwini discovers a shocking truth upon returning to her hometown after six years.

About Author

What happens when an engineer turns into a writer?
Born and brought up in Kolkata, Arjun has transformed his imaginations and created brilliant portraits from his day to day life into stories. His interests involve exotic trip planning and travelling. From getting stuck at the borders of Bangladesh to exploring the remote beauties of North East India to hopping onto a wild trip at Thailand to sand surfing in the deserts of Morocco his next target is to take the Grand Trans – Siberian railway ride from Beijing to Moscow via Mongolia.
Having worked in the domains of technology and education for a substantial period of time and having travelled across the length and breadth of India during his career, he wishes to capture the moments of his diverse experience and create stories out of them.
He released the first edition of Thanking You With Love… in 2015 and his second novel titled Daddy’s Princess along with a book music album named Our Home in the Clouds at Bali, Indonesia in 2017. Arjun maintains a blogspot ( where he invites contributions from all writers, photographers, artists and musicians to highlight their talent.
Those interested may write to
His Facebook page is myGenie Entertainment
His Twitter handle is @royalbtiger.

He may be contacted at for all official communications.

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