Tales That Entail

Author : Jaseena Backer

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : February 2020


Tales That Entail


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The stories are all straight from the heart and emotionally connected to our lives. For every Sheetal who walks in freedom there is a Daniel who recognizes that sovereignty. For every Zoya who comes out of her façade there is an Armaan who lifts the veil of emancipation. For every Jasmeet who loves to love there is a Baskar who tells her what love is not. For every Shalaka who wanders around for unwanted, there is an Anila to give her the lap of compassion. ‘Tales That Entail’, the relationships based short stories collection delivers spontaneously along the twists and turns of the winding roads of life making it entirely worth the time of the readers.

Jaseena Backer

Jaseena Backer would best introduce herself as a Writer. Writing comes to her better than Psychological Counselling which is her career. She helps people cope with their mental disturbances through counselling and workshops.

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