Swaraj at 58

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Author : Kusay. Sabunwala

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Swaraj at 58


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15th August 1947, the date is ingrained in every Indian’s mind.
Jana gana mana……. The sound floated in the air. Swaraj was rejoiced with singing of the anthem.
Swaraj in all its coming years saw ups and downs, many events shaped our free India.
The ills of Partition, Corruption, Dowry, Girl infanticide, Emergency, Reservation, and Riots booed us down.
The bright side to it was Middle-class emergence, Women empowerment, Liberalisation, India’s surge towards economic progress.
All these factors were entwined with Swaraj the central character, in a happy coincidence.
The growth of independent India is filtered through the lens of Swaraj, the common Indian.
With Jana gana mana…… It all began
With Jana gana mana…… It all ends.
Paying its tribute to the rising nation.

About Author

Kusay is how I am known as. I had a middle-class upbringing in chawl system, in the heart of Mumbai. I moved away from the chaos of Mumbai to the calm serenity of Udaipur, the city being my native place. I have a happy small family of ‘hum do humare do’. I want to be a dedicated parent to my children, a loving husband to my pretty wife and an adorable son to my aging parents.

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