Stress Free, Sorrow Free and Peaceful Life

A simple and practical guide to live a healthy, happy and wonderful life

Genre :

Author : Er. B. C. Sahoo

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : January 2021


Stress Free, Sorrow Free and Peaceful Life


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With the rise of globalization and consumerism culture, most of the people on this earth are suffering from stress. Spiritualism has lost its role in contemporary life. No doubt, everybody wants peace in their life and no one knows how. A million ways to get peace are being suggested and sold while the true cure is being overlooked.

Only knowledge can provide true peace to us. This rational and concise approach is unique and the knowledge in this format is not available anywhere in the world i.e. scientific knowledge on how to live happily, peacefully and stress-free in whatever profession and in whatever social strata one is.

The knowledge covers all 5 aspects of life:

(i) Body (ii) Mind (iii) Relations (friends & family) (iv) Money (V) God

This knowledge eradicates sorrow and bestows a peaceful & happy life on you. This authentic solution is scientific, logical and easy to apply to create a sorrow-free life.

About the Author

Er Babaji Charan Sahoo, born in the village Bari of Jajpur District of Odisha on 7th April 1945. Presently living in the steel city, Rourkela ,odisha, India.

A mechanical engineer from NITR (national institute of technology Rourkela), this is the first and only book of the author which he has written after years of spiritual research with practical association with leading spiritual organizations like ISKCON, ART OF LIVING, BRAHMAKUMARI, OSHO, DADABHAGAVAN, VIPASANA, etc.

Interacted with Maulanas of Muslim community and Fathers of Cristian community who consider this knowledge as one of a kind. The only aspiration of the author is to impact the true and scientific knowledge to the world population so that they can lead a stress free, sorrow free and peaceful life without any blind beliefs and becoming pray to fake BABAS and GURUS. If the knowledge is applied with full understanding to your family members first, your family will be surely heaven to live with. The author appeal to the readers to sincerely apply the knowledge for only one month which will cost them nothing but may be some repeated failure of application of the knowledge to get out of negativity from his life. The test of the pudding is in its eating only. Fag end of life will be enjoyable only by hearing your story of happy and peaceful living.

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