Spaceman-1 from Swarnaland

Genre : ,

Author : C Ramaian

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Spaceman-1 from Swarnaland


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Spaceman-I from Swarnaland is cosmic science fiction; with utmost power to give you the highest thrill of reading. Prince Ernest is the superhero of Swarnaland, a country in Delta, an assumed planet revolving around the real star Alpha Centauri. The twist of events that establish his love affairs with Princess Angela and Miss Alice will lift you to a higher level of mirth. Struggles of Prince Ernest with sea monster FileZilla, flying lion and monster animals of the Jurassic period will make you expand your eyebrows in wonder. The encounters of the superhero in the areas of floating orchid garden, fish rainbow, and Jelly fireflies will oscillate you on swings of joy. The role played by scientific inventions like an armor of power rays, electronic duplicator, laser pistol, electronic captivator and instantaneous launching of flying saucer into the atmosphere of the earth will make you fly on wings of imagination. With a positive purpose to release Prince Ernest from the political turmoil of Swarnaland, ProfWalter projects him into the atmosphere of the earth in a flying saucer with the company of Padfoot, a spirit in the shape of a folded umbrella. The second hero in the novel is Leon, a taxi driver in London. His love affairs with four multicolored human blossoms will show you the hidden corners of motherly love. By the crafty game of fate, Leon reaches Swarnaland in the same flying saucer and ascends on the royal throne of Swarnaland in the name of Prince Ernest. By the artful play of the same fate, Prince Ernest enters into the love circle of the four multicolored human blossoms in the name of Leon and oscillates them on a cradle of love. The superhero of Swarnaland transforms into a hunter of terrorists and plays miracles of wonderland with the support of the supernatural powers of Padfoot.

About Author

C. Ramaian is a retired government higher secondary school headmaster in the state Tamil Nadu, India. He had a spark to write English novels only three years after his retirement from service. His novels are:
1) Spaceman – 1 from Swarnaland.
2) Spaceman – 2 from Swarnaland.
3) A thief and three angels-1
4) A thief and three angels-2
5) Magnetic fortress-1
6) Magnetic fortress-2
He has an idea to write more fictions in the above-stated series of novels.

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