A Woman In Exile

Genre : ,

Author : Rashi Shrivastava

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017




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Eleven years had passed, and, still, she stood where she had left him. The places had changed. The surroundings had changed. The people had changed. Age had changed her as well, but her eyes remained the same, hidden beneath the lightly smudged kohl. Only it seemed, that they had lost their light. That spark had been dimmed the day she left him behind.” This is a simple story of belief, trust and self-sacrifice in the very ardour of love for someone who is lost to you forever. It is the relationship between life and the individual that this tale seeks to unravel in a mere thousand words. Even though there is a surge of love stories in the market, there are very few stories that will touch your heart and have elements of surrealism and eternity in them. Sojourn is one such love story where the author delves into the past life of a thirty-six-year-old woman, in whose heart is locked away a romance of her time.

About Author

Rashi Shrivastava is a twenty four year old woman, who is also a student of English Literature at the University of Delhi, currently pursuing a Masters degree from Hans Raj College. Reared in a convent school, she is an avid reader and writer by default. Writing fiction is something that came naturally to her, and she hopes to make it big as a bestselling novelist one day. Waiting for the pen to coincide with her thoughts and animate them into a beautiful book, she has finally been able to achieve a part of her dream. She has published a short story – ‘The Yellow Envelope’ in a compilation by Authors’ Ink India, ‘Love a Sweet Poison 2’, in October 2016. Rashi is also a regular blogger and writes about numerous aspects of life ranging from Books, Love, Writing, Reading and Beliefs.

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