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Author : Pujita Krishna

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


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Populated by women, their desires, dilemmas, decisions and doubts, this book undoubtedly seeks women as its favoured readers. Men are welcome to help themselves to it as well, but they may find themselves somewhat lost in a literary setting that nudges them aside, albeit playfully.
At 28, Jayanti is seemingly a woman who has it all: a good looking fiancé who is a pilot in the Air Force, a well-paying cushy job, two loving parents and close friends. But in reality she is unravelling. Alok, her fiancé, doesn’t hold the mojo for her anymore. She hates her job. After six years on the same beat, she wants something more out of her life. Her life comes undone pretty much after her chance encounter with Russo at an art gallery in Hyderabad where she lives. Russo is not just an artist but also a drug dealer, working for a Goan drug overlord, Jimmy. Unsuspectingly, through a strange sequence of events involving her naïve maid Vijji, Jayanti finds herself in a heady situation mixed with drugs and goons that takes her to Gokarna, even as she falls head over heels in love with Russo. Her two friends Arpita, a Tollywood starlet and Srilaxmi, a much married woman looking for excitement, are along for the ride. The journey, although foolishly motivated, helps her and her friends, find some answers for themselves.

About Author

Tethered to a bitter sweet relationship with Hyderabad where she currently lives, Pujita Krishna’s unceasing fascination with human trials and tribulations is fed by the city’s multi-layered and diverse culture; it has informed her artistic temperament that sparks both her dance and her writing. She practices a unique temple tradition called Vilasini Natyam aside from Kuchipudi and has authored a book on the revival of ritual dancing at the Ranganathaswamy Temple in Hyderabad. Writing on whim on occasion and at other times furiously on matters that are close to her heart, she has had her short stories as well as articles published in different media over time. She writes regularly on dance for The Hindu. She has no pets but loves all animals from a distance and is a very fastidious lover of music, although her long and never ending affair with guys like CCR, America, and J J Cale carries on till the end of time. This is her first novella. She hopes it’s not going to be her last.
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