Slap-Happy – Cache of Odes

Genre :

Author : Sindhuja Manikandan

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : January 2021


Slap-Happy – Cache of Odes


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Every page you turn will have one or the other emotion out of love, fun, scare, anger, confusion, excitement and some more to hold the flavor of father’s care to mother’s share to romantic pair and so on. Read the odes with passion to really feel the aroma of emotion.

About the Author

Like a happy Rapunzel on the animated Disney streets, I glided carelessly along the biochemical pathways. My career destiny had thrown a deck of cards out of which I hand-picked the HealthCare tarot and that wheeled me to the virtual medical world. My pen passion is still alive only because of the following VIPs. To start with my cute little man, better-half pal, motherly love, fatherly care, sisterly share, brotherly soul, and once again my grand parental love. To conclude, I am just like every other mother with a sweet family feather…



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