Sky and the Sea

A tale of love and pain

Genre : ,

Author : Achala Rashmini Perera

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


Sky and the Sea


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Sky and the Sea is the story of a girl called Suwana Sangi who lost her parents at the age of five when the tsunami engulfed the whole Galle town in Sri Lanka. Her life was saved in an unexpected way and she finds her true love underneath the sea.

About Author

Achala Rashmini Perera was born in October 1990 in Sri Lanka and she grew up in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates with her father, mother, and sister. She moved to Sri Lanka for her higher studies and is currently following a UK degree in Education, while also working as a teacher. Apart from education, she loves to spend her time with nature – listening to birds singing, picking fruits from trees, listening to the wind and the rain, watching the thundering skies or a night full of stars with a big moon shining on one side and an owl hooting at the other side, walking on shore and to write poems. She believes that her mind has a flow with the universe and one must be very calm to grab those wonderful thoughts in writing a book or a poem.
Achala Rashmini began writing at the age of 16. Her first writing was a poem titled The Rainy Day and following that she wrote another poem titled Work in the Farm. For 14 years she was in Abu Dhabi, UAE and she grew up in surroundings of sandy hills and deserts, beaches, cactuses, palm trees, camels, buildings and cars. She began to see beautiful nature after settling down in her motherland, Sri Lanka. The Village by the River and other Poems, a poetry book of 30 poems was published by Sarasavi Publishers in September 2010 as her first book. In June 2012, Achala Rashmini published a children’s story, The Candy Town, by the Sarasavi Publishers. A copy of this book was present to the 5th President of Sri Lanka in February 2013. The Golden Fields is a novel published in January 2015 by Sarasavi Publishers. Prisoner and other poems, a poetry book of 51 poems published in 2015. Gurutha and Bamboo Bridge are two other novels due to be published.

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