Shiva: My Postmodern Ishta

The relevance of piety today

Author : Neha Singh

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : June 2020


Shiva: My Postmodern Ishta


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This book is my token of love and gratitude for our great religion that has preserved India and has maintained its great heritage despite its struggles with so many negative forces trying to bring it down.

We may not be the greatest in terms of our economic stance, but we do produce the best minds globally in virtually all the fields of material and worldly enterprise.

Our religion keeps us rooted, and it also helps to produce the rigour with which all of us can excel in our individual pursuits.
Today, the government in India is openly religious, and that is great for all those of us who have been ignored, abused, molested and ravaged by the ugly, cancelling , capitalist and cancerous forces of the past.

I urge all of us modern Hindus to get back in touch with our philosophy, practice our religion, and not let it become a prized possession of the pilferers of the past.

Neha Singh

My name is Neha Singh, and I was so motivated to
study after my 2 years of brahmacharya (abstinence), that
I became a writing and editing specialist. I developed a
heightened sense of awareness, and knowledge became my
beacon light.

After many years of study and application, I took on
many assignments in the corporate world. At most times, I
was successful, but many people resented my success and
grouped together to throw insurmountable obstacles and
challenges at me.
This book, Shiva: My postmodern Ishta, is a whole
record of all of my thoughts and ideologies concerning
India’s modern day Hindutva. I have tried to put on record
what transformations we need as a religion, to survive and
spread our philosophy.

I hope you find the information, ideas and conflicts in
this book of some use. Let’s make Hinduism great again.



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