Love , Opportunity and Random Thoughts

Genre : ,

Author : Shilpi Chatterjee

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : August 2020




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Life’s experiences that has many shades and colorsAbout how the first things that we learn in life is to discern between good and bad. It also allows one to grow and express – ‘Love, Opportunity, and Random Thoughts.’

This book is an anthology of writings and verses that portray everyday life which promises enjoyable reading by anyone, anywhere and at any time.
So just go ahead and pick it up and enjoy.

Shilpi Chatterjee

Hey! My name is Shilpi Chatterjee (Pen Name: ShilChat). I always enjoyed reading, writing and traveling.
As a writer anything and everything inspires me.

‘Go with the flow /process’ is how I am in writing and in life. Believe that everything is in abundance, we need to look at it and accept the best. And the best will happen to you. Let it happen!

A word- A line – A question – A paragraph- A character – A short story – A painting – A quote – A book – Anything can inspire – to fully express that will inspire another.



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