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Publication Date : November 2020




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The book, SHARPEN YOUR WITS is a treasure trove of Mathematical and Logic teasers, which will make the reader’s brain cells go buzzing, and solving these teasers will improve cognitive functions. Teasers have been compiled with lots of passion by the author. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are crucial. School-going and college-going students as well as others who have the penchant for solving teasers will love such intriguing, mind-flexing, and brain-building puzzles. You don’t require a high IQ nor do you have to be a genius to find the solutions to the problems. You require only a logical mind, clear thinking, and some basic maths solving skills. The amateurs, as well as experienced mathematicians and logicians, will find plenty of food for their grey matter. The author has been singularly focused on zealously hatching these teasers for over the past four decades. The teasers are tantalizing, amusing, and intricate to solve.

About the Author

Born and brought up in Mumbai, the author Sunil B. Mashruwala graduated in Science stream with Mathematics as his principal subject. Brain Teasers have forever been a creative passion for him and he has always been enormously intrigued by complex and difficult teasers. Solving and creating mathematical puzzles always fascinated him. He started devising his own teasers right from his early age and he has been exercising his imagination to compose complex teasers for the last four decades. His friends who began to share his fascinating pastime encouraged him to publish the teasers he had created in order to allow access to others who actively savored the hobby. His very first teaser book titled ‘BRAIN TEASER’ which was in Gujarati was published in the year 2012; and gathered amazing responses from students, teachers, professors, teaser lovers, etc. One year later, the same book titled ‘BRAIN STRETCHERS’ was published in English. Another book of his in English was published in the year 2017, titled ‘Math–O–Logic’. He reads voraciously on various subjects viz. mathematical puzzles, psychology, biographies, and memoirs, etc. He has collected an extensive library which he shares with friends and others wishing to refer to, often the rare ones. The author plans to publish more books on teasers and wishes to extend the editions to other languages of the country, as well. He receives numerous letters from readers expressing their interest and encouragement in the teasers. He genuinely feels that solving teasers will help the tired mind to stay sharp and can reduce the risk of memory loss and dementia in a person as his age advances. He is married and lives in Ahmedabad with his wife Alpa. He is blessed with a son Anurag, M.S. who is a computer engineer, and a daughter, Ruchira, B.D.S who is a practicing dentist. His son-in-law, Naishadh, a management graduate, is a director of a pharmaceutical company.



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