Shaping India of our Dreams

Genre :

Author : K.C.Agrawal

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : August 2020


Shaping India of our Dreams


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This book is an ambitious attempt to explore ways to strengthen India economically politically and spiritually and make it one of the most powerful and flourishing nations of the world in the coming decades. Authored by a committed and inquiring researcher, it analyses the factors responsible for the ramshackled state of affairs in the country today as a result of many a malaise- mis-governance, dwindling economy, corruption, industrial failure, to name a few Taking up various areas for focused study, like India’s resources, political administration, economic growth, development programmes at various levels and impact of globalisation, it examines the mistakes made in the past partly because of Ignorance and partly because of selfish motives in approach, strategies adopted, execution of plans and programmes and evaluation.

Giving vital facts and figures garnered through intense research, the work points out how and why India lags behind in rural development, population control, reform of education, water management, disaster management, power generation, tourism, environmental issues and reform of police, judiciary and defence services and presents insightful and thought-provoking suggestions on how the situation can be remedied. It has also attempted to provide solutions to addressing problems in the NE states and the Kashmir issue.

Owing to the nature of the subject here discussed and the author’s unique holistic approach and original perspectives in addressing issues, the book will interest a large range of readers keen to watch India progress. They will feel as if the author is talking about them and is concerned for their well-being. Its fluent style of writing makes it all the more appealing.


K.C. Agrawal, an electrical engineer and member of IEEE, USA, has had more than 33 years of experience in different capacities-in Academics, PSUs, Multinationals and then running his own industry, ECS (P) Ltd. for 24 years manufacturing switchgear.

He has also authored a book on electrical engineering (sort of mini-encyclopaedia) titledIndustrial Power Engineering and Applications Handbook (Website published by Butterworth Heinemann (a unit of Elsevier Science, USA/UK).

Some 18 years ago, greatly moved by the countries highly deplorable condition and the sight of the poverty stricken people, he pledged to do something for the nation and steer the people out from their present plight to a glorified future. Shaping India of our Dreams is a result of his dedication towards this cause and the first step towards realising these dreams.



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