You stole my children (again!)
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Author : Uday Kagal - A Hopeful Cynic

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Publication Date : March 2020


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Western philosophy has argued for at least 2,300 years that humanity is naturally brutish. And their recent literature has provided numerous rationalizations for their domination, especially to counter the racist argument and cultural differences. But the East has always been more harmonious, just like human societies that survived 50,000 years. It turns out that White Man was, based on their immediate environs, and used it to impose ‘civilization’ onto the world to feed their insatiable greed. We all became restless, lost morality, and succumbed to an individualistic life of pleasure, in a world now plagued by inequalities and environmental destruction. The main question facing us, therefore, is whether this is ‘progress?’ And the answer to this will determine our choices for the future, should we be concerned about it, that is.

Uday Kagal - A Hopeful Cynic

Uday Kagal has worked for 32+ years across the social and business domains, mostly in India. He studied Rural Management and spent the first five years in rural development and later also set up a social enterprise. The next 13 were in the corporate sector (including seven years in Dubai), last with Unilever and HSBC Bank. He started ISC Innovation in 2005 to provide innovation consulting services to the corporate and development sectors. He is a late-in-life self-realized maverick who loved the stimulation both domains provided but was disillusioned by the inefficiencies in the former, and the lack of purpose in the latter. He has authored three books – Philanthropy Sucks! It only perpetuates dependencies [2013], Dare to Care: One possible future for corporations – and the world [2017], and Origins: A satire on human civilization, Book 1/12: The Origin of Death [2016].

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