Shah Nemat-ul-lah wali (RA)


Author : Sayid Ashraf Shah

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : August 2020


Shah Nemat-ul-lah wali (RA)


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The book was written in Persian by Hazrat Shah Nematullah Wali (1331-1431 AD) born in Syria. He was a great Sufi Saint who authored over a hundred books in Arabic and Persian languages. Most of the predictions made in this book about six centuries back have come true. He predicted the establishment of Mughal rule in Hindustan with names of kings and the battles that they would fight. He predicted about the British rule in Hindustan, the freedom struggle and the division of the country into two. His predictions about future make the readers curious and compell them to pay attention to the book. Shah Nematullah Wali was born in 734 AH/1331AD and passed away around 834 AH/1431 AD. He was born in Syria but spent most of his life at Samatqand, Herat, Yezd and Kirman. His order of Sufism “Nemat-i-Ilahi” is still exists in Iran and Faras. The predictions made by Hazrat Shah Nematullah Wali in Persian poetry are of vital importance. Having turned out to be mostly true , his work has achieved heights of fame. He must have been divinely inspired to have been able to describe future events with such clarity, without resorting to metaphorical laguage, leaving no doubt in the reader’s mind about the obviousness of the events he was foretelling. Even the names and titles of the historical figures and events he speaks about in his predictions have proven to be correct.

About the Author

Er. Mohammad Ashraf Fazili who writes under the pen name Sayid Ashraf Shah received his early education from The University of Kashmir, Srinagar and a degree in engineering from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu with Honors in 1963. He served in PWD, J&K for forty years and retired as a Chief Engineer. Presently he is a chartered engineer, consultant, and Fellow Institution of Engineers India (FIE). Having served as chairman The Institution of Engineers (India) J&K State Centre, he is a member of various professional organizations like the Institution of Engineers (India) Kolkata, World Federation of Engineers Organization (IMWFEO), Indian Road Congress (MIRC) and American Society of Civil Engineers (MASCE). He has authored or compiled over 40 books and presented over eighty papers in national and international seminars. He continues to be a columnist and a freelance writer. He has traveled widely in India and abroad. He has personally contributed about three hundred manuscripts and rare books from his ancestral collection to the Allama Iqbal Library, The University of Kashmir, Srinagar.










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