Author : Purnima

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 18 July 2019




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Ever felt hopeless, helpless, in a situation, where your whole world comes crashing down? Darkness closing in on you, your heart thumping hard with uncertainty? Tears rolling down your eyes but going unnoticed?
We live in our make believe world, where relationships today depend on which way you swipe your finger; where spending on gadgets are more important than investing in a brighter and healthier future. Women, today, work twice as hard as before and men are more than ever the supportive sorts. We are comfortable, happy and full of life. But Nina, Shikha and many others tell us a different story. Inviting you in, into their lives are women who experience the brutality of the world to an extreme you would never want to be sucked into.
When you switch off the night lamp and pull the covers to have a restful sleep, somewhere, someone is crying for help. In both rural and urban areas of our lovely country, resides evil, awake, alive and laughing at the naivety of people.

About Author

Purnima S currently lives in Bangalore and heads the training and placement cell of a renowned hospitality Institute, IIHM. She started writing at the age of 13 and took part in various competitions that kept up the spirit of writing high. A Hospitality Graduate, Masters of Arts in English Literature and a Diploma in Teaching English language techniques, she is also a yellow belt in Six Sigma. She loves spending her time reading, writing and playing with her three year old son, Samar when he is around.

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