Self- Article 360

Genre :

Author : Abhijit Anirudha Vyavahare

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : September 2020


Self- Article 360


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We are running on & on around everywhere, now & then for winning something in life. Even after success in the desired area, we move to another target & so on which is defined as the life of today. No one is ready to stop for a while with a fear that we will lose something in life. COVID-19 stopped the world for a moment. Everyone got time to introspect themselves within them. Many of them are now correcting their own direction & priorities of life i.e. safety, health, happiness, peace, love, relationships. Here we won’t find & quote about money, fame, winning & race anywhere. The book is all about such small things & real-simple applicable practices of life, wherein one can get big achievement, success, good health, long life, peace of mind, better relationships without extra efforts & cost. We live happy lives, maintaining the innocence of childhood throughout life. We need to focus on ourselves in 360 days of the year & 360 degrees of our periphery. Ultimately what all we want from our own life is given in every small step of Self-Article 360. Then our heart says, “Yes! I want to say the same thing

About the Author

Education: – B.Tech Agri Engg., MMS in Marketing & Production. 24 years of professional working experience in 1 MNC & 3 OEMs. Working with the organization ‘CNHI’ as on date in the global manufacturing quality team. Have handled national & international goals successfully. Health-oriented outlook, sportsmanship, and leadership used in family businesses’ work culture to make family healthy, wealthy, happy, and successful in every path of life. Despite being born in an economically backward class family, aiming high made me successful, and consistent in the growth of life. My book should make every individual’s life simple, easy, successful, wealthy, healthy, & long. Written a Marathi book – “Vicharanche Adbhut Jag” which is about how miraculous thought processes make an individual’s life successful.



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