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Author : Atchuthan Carvalho

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018




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We all are seeking something in some way or the other. It is a perenial quest and once we find what we are looking for, an ocean of immense happiness shall arrive. Somehow though true happiness eludes us and we keep searching but we are never quenched of this thirst.

Wisdom is to know what to seek; it is said we may gain the whole world only to lose our soul. However if the soul is found, eternal bliss shall come to us forever.

Our inherent nature is one of perfection as we are a part of an infinite consciousness. The same ocean of infinity that makes the whole universe roll also bmathes in us.

My book gives you an introduction to basic ideas about our minds and away to seek a truth beyond it. l try to get you to a state of mind and a realization that what you seek is actually you. You are the happiness that you have been looking for.

About Author

Atchuthan Carvalho is a post graduate in English literature from Mumbai University.
This book is a result of a search for a hidden truth in life which he has realised through his own research, meditation and reflection.
His quest had been to find out why humans suffer? Why there is so much pain in existence and why are some more happy than others!
After close to ten years of search and reflection, he has decided to share what he thinks through poetic verses.
Here he talks about Enlightenment and understanding the true nature of the world around us and knowing whatÕs within.
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