Secret of the Himalayan Treasure

Author : Divyansh Mundra

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Secret of the Himalayan Treasure


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The oldest secret society of India. The greatest treasure in the history of mankind. The most epic mystery of the ancient world.

When the richest man of India confesses to being part of a secret society in a live press conference; chaos ensues. His daughter Aanya Vashishtha takes the help of Aarav Kohrrathi, a brilliant but egoistic treasure hunter and his friend Rehann to solve the mystery of The Ring of the Seven, a society of influential men who are tasked to protect the greatest treasure in history. What starts off as a quest to uncover her father’s secret leads them to something bigger which they themselves couldn’t have fathomed. They take the help from her father’s associate, Shayna Maheshwari, a billionaire banker and someone herself involved with the secret, as they progress towards a treasure hidden somewhere in the Himalayas.

They brave bullets, puzzles, deadly chases, a cult of assassins, and betrayal as their quest takes them across the length and breadth of South Asia; from the bustling metropolises of Mumbai and Delhi to the ancient temples of Nepal; from the serene beaches of Sri Lanka to the towering mountains of the Himalayas. They try to uncover a set of secret books of lost arts, which are believed to reveal the map of the treasure and strive to discover the identities of the masters of the Ring of the Seven to solve the penultimate mystery.

In a tale of love and loss, logic and emotions, religion and history, action and adventure, and the trial of a few good men against the most powerful organization in the history of mankind. Will they find the secret of the Himalayan treasure?

About Author

The author is a 22-year old perennial dreamer who has been engaged in a perpetual war with words for a better part of his life. Like every 22-year old living in the 21st century, his journey began with a borrowed laptop, a slow internet connection, and a pretty boring life carefully studded with gems of existential crises on Monday mornings.
He started out by writing on the world’s biggest Q&A website called Quora; where other equally bored 22-year olds found a connection with his writings, leading him to amass the trust of over 40000 followers and more than 11-million viewers.
The author is a self-proclaimed specialist at writing fictional crossovers (a genre he proclaims to have invented), where he narrates what would happen if a beloved fictional character from one universe was to meet someone from another. Many of his fictional-crossovers, mostly featuring Sherlock Holmes, have gone viral online, garnering him immense praise and extensive hate equally; which is a perfect balance to maintain for your works on the internet.
When empty inboxes greeted him in response to his proposals to the publishers and literary agents, he decided to self-publish his debut novel on the internet at the age of 21, which became a Bestseller on the twelfth day of its release and spent time in Amazon India’s ‘Top 10 Selling’ and ‘Hot & New Releases’ lists. A year later, the same book is resting comfortably in your hands and being read by the most awesome person in the universe.
The author spends his time experimenting with various writing styles when not running a fiction blog which has pulled readers from over fifty countries. He can be found writing Sherlock Holmes short-stories, fan-fiction, Honest Trailer reviews, first-person observational comedy pieces, and fantastic battle scenes when he gets time from binge-watching TV series. He is a cinephile, loves photography, likes to discuss world news and fashion trends with equal interest, and admires retiring to his solitude with an old dusty book of fiction and a cup of black coffee… with two sugars.

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