Scattered Leaves

Author : Syed Sarwar Hussain

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


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Scattered Leaves offers sixteen stories, translated by Dr. Syed Sarwar Hussain. These stories are written by some of the finest and most well-known writers of Urdu today – including Shafi Mashhadi, Zakiya Mashhadi, Shomail Ahmed, Shaukat Hayat, Hussain-ul Haq, Abdus Samad, and Qasim Khursheed. Each writer in this volume is unique in his or her style, but all of them are bound by a common history, since they were all born in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, during the first half of the 20th century. These are tales about ordinary men and women, and the challenges they faced and the experiences they encountered in a menacingly class-ridden, morally corrupt, and financially devastated social order. Every story in this collection appeals universally to our sense of distrust and dread about human nature. The stories lead us into a world shaped by the inner and outer conflicts that have wrecked the provincial life of people in the state, but in doing so they reveal the larger social, moral, and political chaos that has devastated the lives of ordinary men and women in the Indian sub-continent. Ultimately, they testify to the depth of human life and reflect upon its mysteries. These short stories masterfully lay bare the whole fabric of Indian society. They capture the dilemma that the characters find themselves in, and a terrible sense of alienation – both within and without – that defines the existential crisis they are going through. The title of the book is inspired by the tales in this collection, which contains a wide variety of stories tied together in one place. The stories are brought to the English reader inaccurate, modern translations, with originality and poetic grace. The cultural concepts or Urdu words, that are not translatable are annotated in the Glossary. This permits the retention of some Urdu terms in order to be faithful to the cultural setting of the stories, without alienating readers who are not familiar with such terms. This anthology presents to the perceptive English reader a selection of stories comparable in excellence to short fiction written in any other language.

About Author

Dr. Syed Sarwar Hussain has been teaching English for the past thirty-five years. He is currently serving as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Linguistics and Translation Studies, College of Languages and Translation, King Saud University. A serious writer and translator, Dr. Hussain has several research papers to his credit, in various online and international print journals. He has also published six books that include Ideology and the Poetry of Stephen Spender (1988), Despairing Voices (2011), Ashes in the Fire (2012), The Eastern Brew (2013), and Nameless Lanes (2016). Scattered Leaves, his latest anthology of translated short stories, is awaiting publication. Dr. Hussain’s anthology of his own short stories, The Blue-Bleak Embers, and a collection of his poetry, The Meandering Muse are next in the pipeline.

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