Sangeet Aarohee

An Essential Study of Hindustani Classical Music

Author : Dr. Kalpesh Jani

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : May 2019


Sangeet Aarohee


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…A concise yet extensive coverage of various aspects of Hindustani Classical Music.
…48 well-crafted chapters…
…Different terms used in Hindustani Music are defined in simple terms…
…A lucid explanation of the science behind music, including vibratios, frequency, naad, shruti, swar, raga, thaat and various musical compositions…
…The journey of Hindustani Music from the Vedic ages to the modern age explored, including a commentary on the important musical treatises and a brief look at the gharana system of the Hindustani Music…
…A section devoted to the practical performance of Hindustani Music…
…Detailed information given about 22 taal and 55 raga popular today….
… “a flow of information of music, useful to all students of Hindustani Music, whatever their level of expertise”…
… “a boon to the … students pursuing Visharad in Hindustani Music”

About Author

Dr. Kalpesh Jani


Dr. Kalpesh Jani is a practicing Surgical Gastroenterologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon in Vadodara. He was interested in Hindustani Classical Music since his formative years, but only as an audience. Some ten years ago, to enable better understanding of what he was listening to, he decided to learn the basics of Hindustani Classical Vocal Music. What started as a hobby some ten years ago was transformed into a passion, and over the years he accumulated copious notes, some made from existing texts in regional languages as well as the teachings of his Guruji – Shri Harishji and Shri Pradyumanji. He is extremely aware of the fact that this is perhaps just the first step of his journey into the world of Hindustani Classical Music and is excited at the prospect of further exploration of this rich and varied domain.


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