Saffron & Rosewater – Story of two lives entwined by destiny

Genre : ,

Author : John Abraham

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : June 2021


Saffron & Rosewater – Story of two lives entwined by destiny


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Not everyone is lucky when it comes to Love. Stephen was one such unlucky guy. He had always been rejected by every girl that came in his life. But fortune favours the bold.

As if contrived by destiny, one evening Stephen met the beautiful and charming Clara. He knew her from his childhood but she was forgotten with the passage of time. Though much older to him, Clara was the person who saw right through his soul. She comforted him and always stood by his side. Stephen wanted to marry her but she was reluctant. She knew that society and their families would outcast them for such a decision.

Amidst the social pressure, family chaos, and intense heat of the scorching desert, they shared their pains and sorrows, and it changed their lives forever!

About the Author

John Abraham was born in Kolkatta (formerly known as Calcutta); currently residing in the United Arab Emirates. This is his first book so far and he aspires to continue his writing journey.



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