Rub’ al Khali – The Empty Quarters

A Life Unfolds

Genre : ,

Author : Shalu Sood

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : June 2021


Rub’ al Khali – The Empty Quarters


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Everything that was once there but isn’t anymore is bound to leave a mark. This “Why me??” question
leave all of us helpless & blank. Failures, heartbreaks it’s all there. It’s all about trying and giving a chance to ourselves, chance to smile again, to try
again, to live again.

Rab’ al’ Khali is a book about all of us who refuses to give up and to all those who are on the verge of deciding to bounce back or quit. We don’t know how to overcome this pain of separation & heartbreak.

Sometimes all you need is a hand without being judged. It’s not only about survival but survival with your head high, survival with a smile, and survival with a belief in you.

About the Author

Shalu Sood is one Vibrant, Goal Oriented person, without anyone validating her existence doing everything to keep her alive and “Happy”. Her struggle is known, but her pain is what she hides from all. When life gave her enough reasons to quit, she rose like the Phoenix from her own ashes. With each passing day, unaware about the obstacles in her way, she chose to rise and survive.



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