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Publication Date : October 2020




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Rhapsodies are a manifold melody of
pulchritudinous poetries, which cuts across
boundless spheres of life, from varying stocks
of nesse poets.

Go on an agog journey of buoyance to
unravel the fervent depth of minds at the heart
of this Aesthetic forte.

About the Author

Jaweed Ahmed has pursued M.Sc. (Mathematics), M.Sc.
(Physics), M.Sc. (Psychology), M.A. (English), PGDCA
(Computer Science), B.Ed. He is a multi lingual published
author, a versatile poet and a wonderful writer and an
enthusiastic educationist from Hyderabad who has written
more than three thousand poems, numerous articles, essays
and stories in English, Hindi and Urdu so far. Many of his
works have been published in National and International
Magazines, Anthologies and Newspapers. He has published
his own books “”””Peerless Pearls”””” and “”””Precious Jades””””. His
poems are Sufi in nature, and his style so simple yet his
thoughts are so intense and deep. He is known for his lucid
and unique style. He has learnt all these from his father Mr.
Abbas Ali who was an Urdu poet. He used to attend Urdu
Poetry Symposiums in his boyhood days along with his
parents. The poet possesses a sensitive heart which listens
when nature talks to man in myriad voices, but he is very
clear that all these messages are for those who have a mind
which can articulate its messages and then obey them. His
poetry springs like a scintillating stream and flows like a
delightful dream. As a master craftsman he has no dearth of
themes. He burns midnight oil to script his verses in stunning
splendor. There is unusual mystical insight and charm
characterizing his poetry. His enormous enthusiasm towards
literature is an endearingly ennobling trait. He is also Founder
of many Literary Groups.



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