Reasoning Our Choices – The value principles of reason

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Author : Reuben Ray

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 11-10-2019


Reasoning Our Choices – The value principles of reason


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The philosophy of reasoning for the choices we make combines biological, psychological and social factors to provide a values approach. Our values are the basis on our our choices across the four realities. It is our values that drive our conflicts and unhappiness across human societies and in our personal relationships which needs to be understood to deliver peace and happiness. Reasoning Our Choices brilliantly elucidates why the Universe and the societies we inhabit is the way it is; it is for everyone to learn and improve our reasoning to find greater harmony within our choices.

About Author

Reuben Ray is the CEO of | which deals with People Management for corporates in India and abroad. He has over 18+ years of experience in handling people-oriented services and advisory to the Indian Corporate and SME sector and is an advisor to startups and new age economy sectors for Talent Framework, engagement & values framework. The author is a Trainer for subjects within Talent Management like Competency mapping, Hiring, Leadership, Talent Framework, Workplace Values, Engagement and Happiness at Work attributes of human psychology.

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