Re-engineering Happiness

A way of life: Begins with you

Author : Abdul Basit Syed

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : March 2020


Re-engineering Happiness


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This book gives a good understanding of moral values and its influences in life to understand the different aspects of moral beliefs and behaviors covering human nature, social, and political life’s cycle that enables us to re-engineer our minds through morality to gain happiness.


This is an amazing book with facts and figures from different educationists and free thinkers with a clear view of scholars trying to promote the beauty of life and happiness when we combine lifestyle with morality enabling a better understanding of moral judgments leaving a deep impact on readers mind.


Analyzing theoretical perspectives of moral values by taking on contemporary issues from global warming to corruption by featuring various types of individuals, groups, and organizations in educational, research, political, medical, and business centers, the author has successfully narrated solutions to problem that apply across individuals, communities, and cultures.


This book offers the best insights into particularly challenging areas of morality exploring the relationship between people’s minds, moral philosophies, ethical thoughts, emotions, and actions with the importance of moral values in interpersonal relationships, by recommending suitable solutions in finding happiness triggering self-realization.


This book is overwhelmingly successful in stimulating our minds in a moral way of thinking through its poems by briefly discussing the ethical ideas of Aristotle, Plato and Epicurus and many other influencers of past and present put together with authors ideas in a logical manner for human happiness based on human needs, principles, and desires.


The book as a whole serves as an ideal introduction to a moral world where love and happiness will be abundant. The author humbly appeals to the United Nations with his wonderful facts in this book to declare a day in a year called “World Moral Day” through this book called ‘Re-engineering Happiness’.


This book has been well researched, written and designed as an e-book, with short, easily digestible chapter, the chapters are self-contained, so it can be read in any order and perfectly suitable for all interested readers who want happiness as a way of life.


Abdul Basit Syed

Abdul Basit Syed, is a British Indian Social Activist, living in Croydon, U.K. He is the founder of an International NGO “World Humanitarian Drive”. He is actively striving to promote Peace, Education, Trade harmony in the world. He is leading an International campaign for United Nations to declare a day called “World Moral day” he believes Knowing, Embracing, and Implementing morals in life will lead to peace and happiness of humanity.

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