Pyar, Dosti aur Zindagi

A poerty-ride of emotions

Genre :

Author : Anirudh Alreja

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : August 2020


Pyar, Dosti aur Zindagi


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Poems have a very special kind of nature. They create an imaginative space around the writer as well as the reader. Pyar, Dosti aur Zindagi is something that cherishes your love and will also connect you with your loved one in a sublime manner.

Poetry has no bounds, no particular language that is why this book comprises of poems that are written in three different languages (Hindi, English, & Hinglish). This work took nearly 10 years to reach form the writer’s pen and notebook to a systematically organized book in your hands. Every single line of each poem is filled with emotions, love, and the idea that Pyar (Love), Dosti (Friendship) aur Zindagi (Life) are not three different things, but one.
From the very first poem, you will find yourself in the memories of your loved one and by the last poem you will be a person who is recapitulating the beautiful moments with their loved ones.

Anirudh Alreja

Anirudh Alreja hails from a small yet developed town of Rajpura (Punjab). He is living with his Parents and younger Brother in Rajpura since his birth. He is fond of playing Cricket and a huge fan of Actor Ranveer Singh.

Anirudh completed his Post Graduation (Masters in English) in the year 2017 from Punjabi University, Patiala.

He is currently working as an Assistant Professor for Communication Skills in Punjab Institute of Technology, Rajpura. He also works as a part-time Content Writer and IELTS Tutor.

Pyar, Dosti aur Zindagi is his first book and he hope to publish more of his works in the future. He loves to write poems, quotes, and essays.

He wants to become a successful and recognized poet.

You can reach him at his Twitter Handle: @AnirudhAlreja or e-mail him at:



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