Pursuit – Drawn by Destiny

Author : Pooja Poddar Marwah

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : Mar-19


Pursuit – Drawn by Destiny


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All Kate wanted was a man who loved her and desired her…
All she knew was that Edward Scott was so not the one! And yet, as destiny would have Her way; a chance business meeting leaves her in the midst of a whirlwind friendship.. romance… or something – that none in their right mind could call love! Set among expatriates in the bustling city of Mumbai, Pursuit reveals the complex shades of a mature, modern-day relationship between two strongly opposite individuals.
What is the mystical reason that Kate holds on… or does she let go? Is he really worth risking her sanity for? Is she Edward’s desire or is she is the reason he feels freed?
Pursuit captures the true essence of a relationship – Just as is.

About Author

Your typical girl next door and yet she is everything but typical. Having written as a ghost, blogged as a NYC girl, and one who’s really born and bred in Mumbai, Pooja is quintessentially one of the craziest and dreamiest women you will perhaps ever meet. When she’s not writing, she baking, or attempting to bake chewy chocolate chip cookies, which more often than not resemble the night sky.
A chance meeting with a stranger left a soulful impact that affected her in every sense. Shuttling between the cocurricular’s of both her kids, Pooja penned down Pursuit, while waiting in city parking lots. She did get quite an eyeful from local cops who wondered what this woman did each and every day with a laptop and a Thumps Up for company. A die-hard mush magnet, she writes passionately about romance and explores its depth and darkness. She makes you want to laugh, feel and just be – whoever you are meant to be. To know more about her, get on Google and find a way to reach her mind!

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